Hi!  I'm Chris.  I love to cook and I have created this blog to document all the dishes that I have created, tested, and developed all these years in my kitchen.  I am also a recipe developer, a food blogger since 2007, and a future cookbook author.  My repertoire includes Asian and Western dishes or anything that interests me. 

Born and raised in the Philippines, I now live with my daughter and my Chihuahua dog Marley in a small cottage-like home in the San Francisco Bay Area.   It has a small garden and a small backyard where we grow some heirloom tomatoes, roses, and a few herbs which we use for cooking. 

For the past 20 years I have been active doing business in the Custom Decorating industry specializing in window and floor coverings, and accessories. On the side, I also have a small airline e-ticketing business which I maintain to help friends and family in their travel needs. 

When I'm not busy working, what I really enjoy doing most is when I'm in my kitchen cooking something special for my close family and friends.  It's a way of giving a part of myself in a selfless way,  a sharing of my soul to people that I care about. 


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